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Computer Desktop Repair

We can Repair Computer Desktop like Motherboard, Power Supply etc.


We support onsite laptop/desktop Repair for save your time and money.

Laptop Repair

We can repair 90% of laptop problem onsite like laptop service, change laptop parts etc.

Laptop Repair Center

With entry of technology in every aspect of our lives, we just cannot do without computers. There was a time when technology was entering in our daily chores, We were introduced with desktops but now everything has become fast and mobile, hence introduction of laptops. As the saying goes ONE WHO DOESN’T KNOW COMPUTERS IS ACTUALLY HANDICAP IN PRESENT TIMES. We can understand this situation from this only that even a junior school student gets homework on computers. Right from standard one, a child starts learning about computers. Nobody just cannot deny the fact that even almost all the things done in even a small household is done online. Be it utility bills, ordering grocery, vegetables and fruits, shopping of daily needs etc are done on computers. Most important we manage our finances with the help of computers only. Banking’ filing ITR and many other important jobs are done on computers. Laptops have given opportunity to everyone to use computers. Laptops are sleek, Slim and easy to carry. Even when you are travelling in Bus, Train or in flight, one can use their time and finish their work. Imagine without computers and technology entertainment industry would be so plain. No fast pace shows and movies, No fictional and sci-fi movies and specially cartoons. It seems impossible ….right?

LAPTOPS are actually a revolution for working professionals. Ever wondered amid all this, when things have sped up, there is a flip side also and these laptops need timely repairs, service and maintenance in order to be in perfect working condition. We proudly announce that you have a choice to keep your laptops constantly in superb condition. We NCS Laptop Service Center, are giving one stop assured solution to our customers for their laptops. We are trustworthy when it comes to repair, service and maintenance of your expensive and most important gadget. Pioneering in giving high end solutions to all the brands of laptops. You may be using different brands and make, we have team of well qualified engineers to carry out all the repairs. We are well situated in Gurugram, Delhi and in entire NCR. You can enquire over phone or email or can just drop a message. We have dedicated customer care department who will promptly reply to your query. We at NCS Laptop Service Center have full control on ever rising demands in field of laptops repair because without a laptop or computers its impossible to finish work seamlessly. We have our customers from all walks of life. Even we have upgraded hundreds of laptops for students with their changing demands

You can confidently believe in our team who are quick and effective. We provide consultation over telephone and provide free pick up and drop facility. If you require onsite service and repairs, we have all the arrangements for that too. Our team is trained by professional trainers of industry so that they understand the minute details of hardware as well as software part of laptops. There are multiple issues which can arise in laptops with continuous use. It can be overheating of laptop or slow speed of laptop, We will repair it in a unique way. Our labs are well equipped with all the required information and tools. Our knowledgeable staff will define you the condition of your laptop transparently. It is such a relief and utmost convenience that we are just a phone call away and easy to enquire. You can either visit us or we will be available at your door steps as per your comfort. You will get assurance of perfect carrying out of repair , service and regular upgrading of your laptop. Rest assured about our prices, we are best in industry and we will definitely offer most competitive rates from market. our quality accompany budget and our services are pocket friendly. Our vast network is very well in reach of every part of Delhi, Gurugram and in NCR, Near Me.

You may be a student, homemaker, working in corporate or a small business with growing business, we have dedicated trained team of consultants who will quickly realize your needs and serve you more than your expectations. Our affordable services are best and there will be no compromise in quality. We undertake annual maintenance contract also thus giving you peace of mind for keeping your laptop in perfect working condition. Our team will send you regular reminders to you so that our precious customers do not have to worry about regular repairs of multiple issues. Whether it is repair of parts or changing them or software issues, we are most genuine. We use original branded parts and branded software for up gradation. We accommodate each or our customer as per their budget and our motto is to stay in market with long term goals. Our customers are our priority. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance. With whole lot of prominent brands available in market, so we take pride in declaring that we have special staff who dedicatedly attend needs of different branded laptops in most professional way. You may be using any laptops HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, dell, apple, Compaq, Asus or any other prominent brand. You can confidently dial us or message us for all your laptop repair and service requirements.

So why wait for a second thought. We will be happy to have you on board for all your laptop related needs. We will give you a call on time which is most suitable for you. A dedicated customer care staff to understand all your needs and requirements according to your work. We assist, unite, adhere to great service, connect and accomplish task with full focus and feel content when our customers are happy and come back to us again and again for their laptop repair and service needs. Our customers proudly and confidently recommend us to their family and friends. We will be glad to have you on board.

Our close knitted network in Delhi, Gurugram and NCR will accommodate according to your wish. Our motto is quality with assura

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